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Musicians for World Harmony works on a very limited budget.  We rely on our generous supporters to continue to make healing and hope possible.  Please make a tax-deductible gift today. Your gift will be carefully used and deeply appreciated. 


Musicians For World Harmony has been bringing the healing power of music to senior centers. Click below to learn more about this engaging and powerful work we are doing:

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It is time again to bring the MUSIC Heals program, this time in Southern and Northern Uganda and Kenya.

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Bringing Music Heals back to Africa in August 2016!

It is time again to bring the MUSIC Heals program, and its profound benefits, to those in need – this time in Uganda and Kenya.   We are thankful for very generous donors, and still are raising funds to help to get there in August, and build more therapeutic relationships.  If you’re interested in donating please click here, and be sure to watch our video, above.

Director Samite Mulondo, along with Ithaca-based musician Nate Silas Richardson and Music Therapy Professor Karen Wacks,  M.Ed, LMHC, MT-BC of the Berklee College of Music, plans to work directly with Hope for Humans in Gulu, Northern Uganda.  Hope for Humans provides dignity, comfort, safety and hope to children afflicted with Nodding Syndrome.  The disease is characterized by a nodding of the head and seizures that lead to significant cognitive impairment.  The cause is unknown but with treatment the health of the children improves.  In 2014 and 2015, MWH affiliates in Uganda worked with Hope For Humans to provide music therapy, and they are thrilled with the results so far. 

We also plan to revisit our partners at orphanages and centers in Kenya, bringing music and hope back to help children with AIDS in Shangilia, and to build more relationships with other community groups in both countries.
After the trip, we will build on the music therapy relationships we have made via Google Hangout and Skype, using our prior success as a model.  Students in the Berklee music therapy program gain so much from the learning and relationships and are inspired in their growth as healers.


We look forward to sharing our progress with you.  To find out how to support Musicians for World Harmony’s work, click here.