2019 Music for the Ages Gala

Click the invitation to purchase your tickets!

Click the invitation to purchase your tickets!

Come dance the night away on Saturday, November 16th while supporting a good cause! All proceeds go toward the local work of nonprofit Musicians for World Harmony, founded by Samite Mulondo, to bring healing music to our most vulnerable populations: youth and seniors.  

Tickets are $45 each and gets you free live musical performances by Samite and his band, stories of how music heals all ages, as well as sumptuous snacks from Coltivare and free beer and wine. A diverse silent auction and an inspirational program round out this event. Purchase your tickets today at Eventbrite

Would you like to Sponsor the Gala?

Contact Kathy Servoss at (607) 351-4465 or kathy@servossvirtualservices.com for more information and to donate toward the event.

Contact Kathy Servoss at (607) 351-4465 or kathy@servossvirtualservices.com for more information and to donate toward the event.

2019 Outreach Events

September 2019 - Samite conducted four outreach events in the Ithaca area in four different senior living and community centers. These events were made possible by a grant from Community Foundation of Tompkins County and in collaboration with Ithaca Neighborhood Housing and Lifelong. Nate Richardson joined Samite in performing at Lifelong.

August 2019 - Samite was interviewed and shared his story at the Robert H. Jackson Center in Jamestown, NY during their annual Humanitarian Law Dialog.  He spoke to a full house of international prosecutors about the origins and work of Musicians for World Harmony. After the interview he performed and lead a talk-back for the audience. Robert H. Jackson was a U.S. Supreme Court justice who grew up in Western New York.  He was also Chief U.S. Prosecutor in Nuremberg, Germany where he created the first international military tribunal in 1945. The Jackson Center was created in 2001, to envision a global society where the universal principles of equality, fairness and justice prevail.

Samite also conducted two outreach events in August: one for youth at the YMCA and one for the community and public television with the Cuban pianist, composer and Julliard faculty member,  Elio VillaFranca in Springfield, MA, while he was there for a concert with this band. Nate Richardson, who was touring with him, joined him for the YMCA event.

June 2019 was a busy month for outreach:

  • Samite was honored to receive the Award of Appreciation presented by ivoh (Images and Voices of Hope) for his decades-long humanitarian work with Musicians for World Harmony. This annual award recognizes media professionals who have done exceptional work with storytelling aimed at strengthening people, communities, and media as a whole. While at their summit at Peace Village in the Catskills, he served on a panel discussing how humanitarians cope with the demands of field work and performed his solo show.

  • Samite was the Keynote Speaker for World Refugee Day in Syracuse.

    The Refugee Alliance (of Syracuse) is an organization of organizations and associations who work to advance t he lives of newcomers to the community.  It includes leadership from various countries/communities, nonprofit services - such as the North Side Learning Center, and government agencies. 

    The organizers and attendees were thrilled to have Samite Mulondo as our keynote speaker at our first Training Symposium. The purpose of which was to equip people invested in and among the resettled refugee and New American communities in trauma-informed, culturally-humble, linguistically-accessible, genuinely-empowering ways that lead to flourishing communities.

    Samite's talk both entertained, and more importantly informed, the attendees. Many were also interested in learning more about Musicians for World Harmony.” - Mark Cass, The Refugee Alliance

  • Two outreach events in Providence, RI were conducted while Samite was there for a concert at the First Works Music Festival.  He performed at a school in the city and then visited a senior center with a large West African population, and not only performed for them, but shared a home cooked meal with the residents.  Nate Richardson, who was touring with Samite, accompanied him at both events.

March and May 2019 - Samite spoke to high school classes in his community about his humanitarian work with Musicians for World Harmony and his experience as a refugee.

Finding our Voices

Nate Silas-Richardson prepares a group of DeWitt Middle School 7th graders at Pyramid Sound in Ithaca.  Photo Credit:    Sheryl Sinkow Photography

Nate Silas-Richardson prepares a group of DeWitt Middle School 7th graders at Pyramid Sound in Ithaca. Photo Credit: Sheryl Sinkow Photography

In January and February, a seventh grade class at DeWitt Middle School worked hard over just a few weeks to explore and express themselves and common themes in their lives with Musicians for World Harmony.  The project was part of the poetry unit in their English class, but the project had another goal – to help kids express themselves and build connections across differences.

Nineteen students worked in class with performing artists Samite and Nate Richardson, and their teachers Theresa Souchet and Isaac Kain.  In the words of Ms. Souchet, “We had several students take initiative as the project progressed.  One student brought in his instruments to "jam" with Samite and Nate during class and took it upon himself to rework melodies and lyrics.  Another student was very hesitant to participate at first, but seemed to find his voice, summarizing his experience by saying his lyrics were meant to encourage other students "to just go for it".  We had several new students (immigrants and international visitors) who joined the class midway through the project.  Because of the nature of the project, students were able to jump right in, which went a long way in helping them adopt their new school and get to know their classmates”.

At the end of the project, the students took a field trip to Pyramid Sound Studios in Ithaca to record their individual statements and to sing as a group.  At the end of the project, more than a few expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with Nate and Samite and to check out the studio.  A few noted they knew a little more about themselves or a classmate.  For some, the foray into self-expression took courage and they were proud to have found their voices. 

MWH is grateful to DeWitt Middle School and the Children and Youth Fund of the Community Foundation of Tompkins County for their resources to make the project a reality. 

Thanks to all who attended Music for the Ages 2018 - check out the photo gallery by clicking below!

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