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Musicians for World Harmony works on a very limited budget.  We rely on our generous supporters to continue to make healing and hope possible.  Please make a tax-deductible gift today. Your gift will be carefully used and deeply appreciated. 


Musicians For World Harmony has been bringing the healing power of music to senior centers. Click below to learn more about this engaging and powerful work we are doing:

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It is time again to bring the MUSIC Heals program, this time in Southern and Northern Uganda and Kenya.

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"People Appeared to Open Up and Join In"

Our work with seniors in Tompkins County and around the U.S. is off to a busy start in 2016! April 15th was our most recent program with seniors locally, at Juniper Manor, where Samite engaged senior residents and students aged 9-13 from the Namaste Montessori School on a sunny afternoon.  As the program progressed, seniors opened up, interacting, singing and asking questions.  We will have a report on the project's outcomes available in mid-May.

Samite's work with the Age of Disruption Tour is in full swing as well, with the next set of dates coming in New England in mid-May.  To quote the Tour's website, Age of Disruption 2016 is a modern day American Chautauqua movement barnstorming the country in a rock n’ roll tour bus to bring communities a new and highly disruptive understanding of aging.  To learn more about it, see when it might be near you, or get tickets, visit In between performances, Samite brings MWH's mission to senior centers and communities, as a part of this group's work to demonstrate the healing power of music for those struggling with dementia or other issues of aging.  The tour and its work will continue through November 2016.

We look forward to sharing our progress with you.  To find out how to support Musicians for World Harmony’s work, click here.