Dear Friends of Musicians for World Harmony, 

I have some exciting news. Our new CD, “Trust” is now available at more outlets. You can buy it from iTunes, cdbaby, Amazon and Best Buy with more outlets to come soon. All the proceeds from the sale, of this CD, go to support the work we do at MWH; to bring the healing power of music to the disadvantaged and the displaced in the world. 

I trust that when you hear this music, you will experience the same joy we felt during the year and half it took us to make the CD. 

Personally I felt very inspired and lucky to work with my two fellow producers: Tony Cedras and Charles Evans Jr. plus the countless number of musicians that opened their hearts and gave us their best performances – holding nothing back. 

I think the great thing about buying this CD, other than the fact that it’s great music, whenever you listen to it, you will know that your purchase made it possible for people in a refugee camp in Uganda, or an orphanage in Kenya, to experience the same joy as you do from music. 

If you want to know more about the making of “Trust” visit