Music touches the world

Dear Friends of Musicians for World Harmony,

It seems like every time I turn around lately I see something related to music therapy and the work we do.  At my concerts I meet people that are music therapists, when I visit schools I meet students who are using music to work through difficult situations, and I have recently watched two special movies that remind me of the importance of the work that we do.

“Afghan Star” is a powerful movie about the use of music to bring unity and pride to an area of the world that is known for its divisions and strife.  This charming film demonstrates the healing power of music as members of different tribes compete with but also support one another in Afghanistan’s version of “American Idol.”

The most recent project from Invisible Children is titled “Kony 2012.” If you haven’t heard of Invisible Children – check them out – they have been working for a decade to bring Joseph Kony to justice.  He is the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army – the rebel group responsible for the decades-long civil war in northern Uganda.  Kony is known for capturing children and forcing them into his army.  These are some of the victims that we work with in Uganda. “Kony 2012” is their incredible effort to get Kony captured and brought to trial in the International Criminal Court for his crimes against humanity.

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